INSIGHT WEST is a interior design firm based in Rancho Mirage, California. We specialize in residential work, from city apartments to seasonal homes in the mountain or desert. The environments we create are highly personalized, made-to-measure with the finest level of craft and detail, and always in harmony with the architectural context in which they dwell. Our clients entrust us to help transform private homes, tailor custom furnishings or to outfit offices in a residential tone.  

As the new owners of INSIGHT WEST, Manuel & Maria Alaniz will be returning the company back to its original roots. They are joined by Jean Claude Huon who brings an East coast sensibility to the projects. The late founders of INSIGHT WEST, Wayne Williamson and Bruce Goers, started the company in Highland Park, Illinois selling fine furniture and unusual accessories for the home. Their good taste and excellent style soon catapulted the business into a full service interior design firm. Williamson and Goers were soon sought after all over the world and were voted interior designers of the year, six years in a row by the Andrew Martin’s Interior Design Review.

Hand picked and personally trained by Williamson and Goers, Manuel Alaniz has been entrusted to carry on the Insight West legacy. Through his many years as interior design assistant, Manuel has developed a sophisticated eye for picking fine furnishings and accessories for the home. Along with this unique talent, Manuel headed and supervised many projects under the direction of his late employers.

Jean Claude Huon, former founder and CEO of Wave Atelier,  has worked with world-renowned fashion houses, including Pierre Cardin, Bill Blass, Peter Som and the French fashion publication L'Officiel. His interiors, some of which have been published in Elle Decor, are informed by his background in fashion and love of beautiful furniture and objects, taking inspiration from worldly design sources and unexpected finds. As in fashion, composition, proportion, scale and texture are his measures of quintessential beauty for interiors.